9.4T MRI

Alternative Titles: 

small animal magnetic resonance imaging
in vivo imaging
high field
  • Bruker
Biospec 9430
The 9.4T Bruker Biospec MRI system (30 cm bore) is designed for hardware-intensive experiments such as high resolution imaging, functional imaging, and diffusion imaging. The large gradient set has an internal diameter of 20 cm and a gradient strength of 200 mT/m, and is suitable for imaging larger rodents such as rabbits and guinea pigs. The gradient insert with 12 cm diameter and a gradient strength of 450 mT/m is suitable for imaging mice and rats. An AutoPac laser positioning system enables rapid and precise sample positioning. The system has four receive channels for parallel imaging, and four transmit channels, including one for X-nuclei.

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CAMI staff

The Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging (CAMI) provides access to imaging modalities ranging from the nanometer scale to whole animal imaging. These include MRI, nuclear imaging (PET, SPECT, and CT), in vivo bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging, animal housing and prep spaces, and tissue culture.  Image analysis services are available, as are software packages (JIM, Amira, Matlab) and a workstation for users to perform their own data analysis.  Imaging services can be provided for investigators' own animal models, or animal models can be supplied by the Developmental Therapeutics Core.

CAMI also houses a 2 photon confocal microscope operated by QBIC and atomic force microscopes operated by NIFTI.