rPPC Assistant Director

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Job Summary: 

The Recombinant Protein Production Core (rPPC) provides quality controlled recombinant proteins for researchers within the Northwestern and researchers from industry and other academics. rPPC is a user-facility; the facility has parallel bioreactor systems for multiplexed lab-scale cultivation of microbial, insect, and mammalian cells. rPPC also serves as a production facility, providing low-cost recombinant biologics for researchers at Northwestern University.
The Assistant Director manages the day-to-day operations and outreach activities of the Recombinant Protein Production Core. The Assistant Director is responsible for continuously improving rPPC’s financial performance, providing high quality services and developing new users within Northwestern community and in other academics and/or industries. The Assistant Director reports to the Co-Directors, manages 2 core staff, and provides training to core users.

Application Procedure:
Application can be submitted to chunhui.ye1@northwestern.edu (in the subject line, must indicate Application-rPPC, Assistant Director); or via NU’s career site https://careers.northwestern.edu/
Complete application will include:
• Cover Letter
• Curriculum Vitae
• Summary of Research Accomplishments (2 to 4 pages)
• Contact information for three references (name, postal and email addresses, phone number)


1. Expression and purification of proteins using diverse expressions systems (bacteria, yeast, mammalian and especially insect);
2. Expression and purification of proteins using 1L + bioreactor systems;
3. Purification of proteins expressed using these systems;
4. Purification of proteins at the pilot scale; Scale-up of bench-top methods to produce gram quantities of protein;
5. Analytical methodologies required for protein characterization;
6. Providing hands-on-training to researchers on equipment use;
7. Providing quality controlled recombinant proteins for researchers within the Northwestern Community (WCAS, McCormick, Feinberg) and also academic and industry researchers outside of Northwestern University;
8. Maintain instrument; troubleshoot when problem arise.

Administration, Finance and Outreach
1. Supervise and train core staff, evaluate staff performance;
2. Prepare cost studies, core annual reports and other reporting requirement/applications as needed;
3. Advise users on experimental design and data analyses, prepare project quotes;
4. Oversee core billing/purchasing/payment/inventory;
5. Oversee project management and accounts receivable;
6. Assist in developing grant proposals;
7. Marketing and outreach for rPPC to academic users and industries to develop new users.


Job Qualifications: 

Minimum Qualifications
1. Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Bimolecular Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or related discipline of research;
2. Experience with scaled-up biologics production (pro-and eukaryotic expression systems), upgraded bioreactor fermentation system, FPLC, hybridoma and phage display antibody technology;
3. Ability to thrive in a quality controlled customer service environment;
4. Ability to manage a small team of direct reports;
5. Ability to troubleshoot when problems arise.

Preferred Qualifications
1. Experience in managing core facility;
2. Experience in academic environment.

Skills and Abilities Required: 

Minimum Competencies:
1. Experience with the job functions listed above;
2. Able to independently interact with clients and assist with de novo design of experimental plans for both expression and purification;
3. Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously and adhere to deadlines.