Analytical bioNanoTechnology Equipment Core (ANTEC)

Analytical bioNanoTechnology Equipment Core (ANTEC) houses research equipment for the evaluation of materials and biological preparations in the bionanotechnology laboratory.  The core primarily serves Northwestern University researchers, and is open for visiting scientists and local industry researchers.

Some of the ANTEC equipment is unique to the Chicago campus, including: Piuma Nanoindenter for characterization and testing of elastic and viscoelastic properties of biological tissues and biomaterials, MCR302 Rheometer for characterization of shear-dependent properties of biomaterials and tissues,  IncuCyte for Live Cell Analysis, Zetasizer Nano ZSP for nanoparticle size and zeta potential measurements; Cytation3 Plate Reader for fluorescence, luminescence, absorption assays and automatic cell imaging; two FreeZone 6 lyophilizers for freeze drying of biological and synthetic materials, real-time CFX-Connect PCR detection system, Plasma Cleaner for surface cleaning and modification, Azure300 Chemiluminescence Imager and a refrigerated centrifuge.  NanoSight NS300 with a fluorescence detection capability for nanoparticle characterization, is located in the J-Wing of Evanston Tech building.

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