Clean Catalysis Core

The Clean Catalysis (CleanCat) Core at Northwestern University is dedicated to aiding investigators in the advancement of understanding the catalytic function of materials for environmental and energy processes. We provide students with the necessary tools for testing the catalytic properties of materials and obtaining insight into reaction mechanisms occurring on surfaces. Not only do we provide the necessary equipment for these studies, but also the guidance of an experienced lab manager who takes a hands-on-approach to educating students about experimental design and proper technique so they become experts themselves. We don't merely train students to use equipment, we teach students how to collect data that answers their research questions.

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Equipment / Supplies

4590 Micro Bench Top Reactors
Manufacturer & Model:
Parr Instruments 4590
Manufacturer & Model:
Arradiance GEMSTAR-8
iS50 FT-IR
Manufacturer & Model:
Thermo Fisher Scientific iS50


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