Peptide Synthesis Core

The Simpson Querrey (SQI) Peptide Synthesis Core Facility produces custom peptides for SQI members, NU researchers, and other local academic and commercial labs. Our facility provides customers with high quality peptides synthesized at 0.05-2mmol scales and purified by reverse-phase HPLC. We can also carry out side chain or terminal modifications such as the addition of fluorescent or biotin labels according to the customers' research applications. In addition, we utilize the leading-edge Agilent 6520 Q-TOF LCMS system to develop and deliver a wide range of mass spectrometry services. For placing or inquiring about custom peptide synthesis, please contact Mark Karver, For more information about this facility, click here.

Equipment / Supplies

Prominence HPLC
Manufacturer & Model:
Shimadzu Prominence
Waters Prep150 HPLC
Manufacturer & Model:
Waters Prep 150
CEM Liberty Blue Peptide Synthesizer
Manufacturer & Model:
CEM Liberty Blue
Agilent 6520 QTOF LCMS
Manufacturer & Model:
Agilent 6520


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