Research Shop - Instrumentation Design, Engineering and Production

Located in the Technological Institute, the Research Shop consists of three elements for providing services to the Research community:

  • The Design & Engineering Shop has a professional engineering and fabrication staff providing design and engineering services that include brainstorming, design and engineering consultation along with CAD and CAM consulting (no fee), design engineering, including integration of electronics, services (fee-basis) and fabrication specification drawing development (fee-basis).
  • The Professional Shop is a machine shop staffed by professional machinists for fabricating components and assemblies of instruments (fee-based). Besides traditional machining tools, there is access to laser & waterjet cutting and 3D printing in plastics and metal (tba).
  • The Student Shop is a maker and consulting space where student users can fabricate and build their own projects. Professional engineering and fabrication consulting is available during business hours (no fee). Access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week provided safety requirements are met. Trained safety monitors are provided during some of these hours; accompaniment by a trained buddy is required during others. Classes in machine shop tools usage and shop safety are offered for no-cost (beginning June 1st, 2017).

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Services Available at this Facility

Design and Engineering Consulting


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