Skin Disease Research Center

The goal of the Northwestern University SDRC is to promote outstanding bench and clinical research in cutaneous biology, ultimately to improve patient care. The SDRC is comprised of an Administrative Core and three distinct Research Cores which include the Skin Tissue Engineering Core (previously the Keratinocyte Core, the Morphology & Phenotyping Core (previously the Pathology Core) and the DNA/RNA Delivery Core. These core facilities are designed to help SDRC investigators accomplish their research goals related to cutaneous biology and to provide a level of support to newly recruited junior investigators who are interested in skin research. The Cores strive to provide all SDRC users with access to specialized techniques, expertise, biological analysis and instrumentation that enhances research progress. To read the OR Newsletter article on SDRC, click here.

For additional information on this facility visit the SDRC website  here.

SDRC Administrative Office:
Ward #9-132, 303 E. Chicago Ave. 
Admin Phone: 312-503-4883
Admin Email:


Tarry #4-750
303 E. Superior St.
Lab Phone: 312-503-4407



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