Leadership and Management in Core Facilities Course 2018

How to meet the unique challenges of operating in a university setting

Another year - and a new cohort of participants have completed the annual Kellogg Executive Education Course!

Two travel awards were presented to participants from Canada and Australia.

The curriculum for the course focused on business management skills and deep insights into the nuances of leadership in a university setting. The four-day executive learning experience focused specifically on helping core facility professionals to enhance their business and management skills and develop the leadership capacity to run their operation more effectively.

More information and registration can be found here, https://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/executive-education/individual-prog...

Congratulations to our group of participants on completing the course!

We now look forward to the Applied Learning Projects (ALP) conference in the spring of 2019. An ALP is a chance to apply knowledge from the course and address a real need within your core. Participants in the ALP conference share their projects with their colleagues and prizes are awarded to the top 3, as voted by peers. Can't wait to see and hear all of the ideas!