NUANCE’s Goeser Named Employee of Year

By Roger AndersonJune 15, 2018

Chad Goeser, business administrator at the Northwestern University Atomic and Nanoscale Characterization Experimental Center (NUANCE), has been named Northwestern’s Employee of the Year.

Goeser was recognized alongside six other finalists and presented the honor by Northwestern President Morton Schapiro during an event on May 30.

“It was amazing to be nominated and so humbling to be recognized among such accomplished peers,” says Goeser “As NUANCE has undergone significant growth, there has been much coordination among McCormick, Weinberg, Facilities Management, Northwestern Research, and NUANCE faculty and staff, and it has been an honor to act as liaison for these stakeholders.”

Goeser joined Northwestern in 2012, when he started as a financial assistant with NUANCE. His role there has increased as the center has grown. In 2015, NUANCE led a successful bid to join the National Science Foundation’s National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure network, a federal program that supports connecting state-of-the-art centers and expertise with regional academic, governmental, commercial, and not-for-profit research organizations. The five-year, $5 million award established the Soft and Hybrid Nanotechnology Experimental (SHyNE) Resource.

“Chad sets a high standard of quality and excellence in everything we do; from our research enterprise to our educational mission to our myriad outreach initiatives, and everything in-between,” says Vinayak Dravid, the Abraham Harris Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and founding director of NUANCE and SHyNE. “Chad brings contagious enthusiasm, unwavering commitment, and passion to our collective scholarly cause every day, and his recognition as Employee of the Year is truly warranted.”

NUANCE and SHyNE are among Northwestern’s 53 University Research Institutes and Centers, cross-disciplinary knowledge hubs designed to bring together talent from across the University's schools.

Northwestern established NUANCE in 2001 to integrate complementary analytical instruments and characterization capabilities at the University. These tools— and the expertise to use them effectively — have helped a broad array of researchers across Northwestern and beyond to pursue cutting-edge science. For more than a decade, NUANCE has assisted thousands of award-winning researchers with the facilities and skills required to carry out collaborative, interdisciplinary, world-class nanoscale research.

Goeser’s official nomination for Employee of the Year cited many achievements, including his role in helping the center acquire and install two high-tech, multimillion-dollar instruments that required exquisite control over the local environment to account for phenomena such as stray electromagnetic fields, vibrations, and acoustic noise. He was lauded as having shepherded these unique installations in a manner that was well beyond the scope of his core duties. He is also actively involved in the design and construction of NUANCE’s new home in the A/B wing of the Technological Institute.

Since 1978, Northwestern’s Office of Human Resources has annually recognized employees who go “above and beyond” their normal duties and are “dedicated and effective.” Goeser is the 74th employee to have received the award and the first from NUANCE. He joins past Northwestern Research winners Eric Betzold (Institute for Policy Research, 2017) and Kathleen Cook (International Institute for Nanotechnology, 2013).


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