Pilot Grant Program for Single Cell Sequencing

The NUSeq Core Facility is offering a unique opportunity to support innovative pilot research projects using 10X Genomics Single Cell Chromium Controller.
We are pleased to announce a pilot grant program in collaboration with 10X Genomics to provide library preparation for Single Cell 3' Gene Expression or 5' Gene Expression and Immune Profiling.
The support covers library preparation for up to two samples, and data analysis at one hour bioinformatics time per sample. The program aims to support up to four pilot projects from Northwestern University. Illumina sequencing, staff hours spent in sample process, and additional bioinformatics time are separate and not covered by this program.
The goal of this program is to support Northwestern University researchers as they seek to generate preliminary data in support of upcoming grant applications, and to promote the utilization of cutting-edge solutions from 10X Genomics for genomic and translational research.
  1. Applicants must hold a faculty position (including Research) at Northwestern University and must be planning to submit a grant application to support a broader research aim for which they need preliminary data.
  2. Applicants may not hold current awards directly related to the proposed research.
  3. Early career investigators are strongly encouraged to apply.
Please complete and submit the application found here by the end of December 21, 2018 to be considered for this program.
Please send any questions regarding this program to NUSeq@northwestern.edu.