All Facility Resources

Equipmentsort descending
1.5 Tesla whole body magnet - Siemens Espree
12 kW Cu Rigaku
18 kW Mo Rigaku
18 kW Rigaku
2 Gatan 626 cryo EM sample holders (Evanston)
3 Tesla High field whole body MRI - Siemens TIM TRIO
3D Optical Microscope
3D Optical Profiler - Zygo
600 MHz Inova NMR spectrometer
7T Bruker Pharmascan MRI - Small Animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging
7T Small bore animal imaging magnet - Bruker ClinScan
9.4T Bruker Biospec MRI - Small Animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging
ABI 3730xl
ABI 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System
ABM Instruments Mask Aligner for 4" Wafers
Accuri C6
Affymetrix GeneChip Scanner 3000
Agilent 1200 High Performance Liquid Chromotography
Agilent 1200 Preparative HPLC
Agilent 1260 analytical HPLC-ELSD
Agilent 6520 Q-Tof LCMS
Agilent 6520 Q-Tof LCMS w/ HPLC-Chip Cube Interface
AKTAprime plus FPLC Protein Purification System
AKTAxpress Chromatography System
Aligner - Suss MABA6 Mask Aligner
Allied High Tech Multi-Prep Polishing System
Allied MultiPrep grinder
Altamira AMI-200 Tmeperature Programmed Experiments
Analysis software on PCs , including SAS and SPSS for statistical analysis , Access and SQL Server for data management , BILOG , WINSTEPS , LISREL and Facets for psychometric analysis
Analytical Ultracentrifuge - XLA & UltraScan; AUC; XLA
Angular dependent SHG arm (Quanta Ray)
Animal surgery suite
Annealing Tube Furnace
Annealsys AS-Micro Rapid Thermal Processor (RTP)
Annealsys AS-Micro Rapid Thermal Processor RTP
Applied Biosystems API 3000 triple quadrupole LC-MS/MS mass spectrometer
Applied Precision DeltaVision Core Microscope System
ArrayScan VTi high throughout fluorescence imaging system for cellular and high content analysis
Art Robbins Gryphon LCP Crystallization Robot (Evanston)
Art Robbins Phoenix Crystallization Robot (Chicago)
AS Micro Rapid Thermal Processor RTP
ASL / Analytical Services Laboratory
Atomic Absorption Spectrometry AA AAS AAnalys800
Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
Atomistic Simulation Code
Atomistic Simulation Software Code
ATS 22 KN Creep testing frame
ATS 50 KN Creep testing frame
AutoQuant X for deconvolution
Avanti® J-E Centrifuge System
Baker SterilGARD III Advance Biological Safety Cabinet
Baking Furnace
Baltec Rotary Shadower
Band Saw
Banding Brake
Barnstead Thermolyne Small Box Furnace
BD FACSAria IIu SORP 3-Laser Cell Sorter
BD FACSAria SORP 4-Laser Cell Sorter
BD FACSAria SORP 5-Laser Cell Sorter
BD FACSDiva off-line analysis workstation
BD LSRFortessa SORP 6-Laser Flow Cytometer
BD LSRFortessa SORP 6-Laser Flow Cytometer Instrument#2
BD LSRII 5-Laser Flow Cytometer
Beckman Coulter Cyan
Beckman Coulter Elite ESP
Beckman Coulter Epics XL-MCL
Beckman Coulter Moflo
Beckman Coulter ViCell
Becton  Dickinson LSRII
Becton Dickinson FACS-Calibur
Belt Sander
BenchCAT reactor system and Gas Chromotography Analytical
Binder Self-Sterilizing Incubators (6)
Bio-Rad Radiance Two-Photon Imaging System - Chicago campus
Biocare IntilliPATH automated Immunohistochemistry (IHC) System
Bioelectric Sensing/Imaging Microscope (BSIM)
Biological Safety Cabinet
BioRad ICycler iQ5 , Real-Time PCR Detection System
BioRad IQ5 PCR Amplification System
BIOSTAT® B plus Fermentor/Bioreactor with O2-Enrichment Gassing System
Bioview Floroscent Digital Imaging
BL2 safety cabinets for stem cell culture (5)
Blake High-Resolution tangential goniometer
Blue M 48" Tube Furnace , 1200C
Blue M Box Furnace , 800 - 1500C
Blue M Partlow Grah Box Furnace , 50-350C
Branson 2510 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Branson 5510 Ultrasonic Cleaner
Brewer Spin Coater
Bridgeport -- Milling machine
Bridgeport Vertical Mill
Bruker BioScope Catalyst Life Science Scanning Probe Microscope AFM
Bruker BioScope II
Bruker Dimension FastScan AFM
Bruker Dimension ICON PT System
Bruker High Performance Dimesion ICON PT System AFM
Bruker High Speed Atomic Force Microscope
Bruker Icon
Bruker Minispec LF90 II For Body Composition Analysis (Lean Mass/Fat Mass/Fluid)
Buehler diamond disc cutter
Buehler grinder
Buehler Isomet 11-1180 Low Speed Saw
Buehler Micromet II Microhardness Tester
Buehler Minimet 1000 Grinder/Polisher
Buehler Phoenix Beta Autopolisher
Buehler Samplmet 2 Abrasive Cutter
Buehler Simplimet II hot mounting press
Buehler variable speed grinding/polishing wheels
Cambridge Nanotech Savana 100
Cambridge Nanotech Savana 100 Atomic Layer Deposition ALD
Cambridge NanoTech Savannah S100
Cambridge NanoTech Savannah S100 Atomic Layer Deposition System ALD
Carbolite High Temperature Tube Furnace 1700C; Use with inert atmosphere argon
Carbon evaporator (Evanston)
Cell culture room
CEM Liberty 12-Channel Microwave Peptide Synthesizer
Chemical Hoods
Circular Dichroism Spectrometer , CD
Coherent Mira 900 laser
cold probe
Computational Resources for Macromolecular Structure Determination
Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy Zeiss LSM 510 Axio Observer.Z1 Inverted Upright
Confocal Raman
Confocal Raman Spectroscopy
Convection Ovens - BlueM DCC-146C
Cressington 626 Cryotransfer System
Cressington Quick Freeze Deep Etch (QFDE) - Freeze-Fracture
Cressington Sputter Coater
Critical Point Dryer (CPD)
Cryo Plunger
Cryo Transfer system
Cryo-plunging system
Cryobiological Locator 4
CrystalMaker diffraction simulation software
CS Bio CS136XT Peptide Synthesizer
Cytation3 Automated Imager and Plate Reader
Dako Autostainer
Data Processing Server
Deep Reactive Ion Etcher, DRIE - STS LpX Pegasus
Dektak 150 Surface Profiler
Denton Desk III Sputter coater
Denton Vacuum Evaporator
Desk-III sputter coater
Develop Hood
Differential Scanning Calorimeter , DSC
Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier-Transform Spectrometer
DigiGait: Automated gait analysis
Digital AFM
Digital Baking Plates
Dimple Grinders (two available)
Displex refrigerated optical cryostat
Drill Press
Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument , DLS
Dynex MRX Revelation and Revelation TC 96 Well Microplate Reader
Ecopia HMS 3000 Hall Effect Measurement System
EDM -- Electrical Discharge Machine
Edwards Auto 306 e-beam Evaporator
Edwards Auto 500 FL400 e-beam Evaporator
Electrical Test Station
Electro-optic coefficient characterization, @He-Ne wavelength 632.8 micron
Electrochemical AFM
electropolishing station
Emitech K775X Turbo Freeze Dryer (TFD)
Environmental chambers for vacuum, atmosphere, low temperature (>2 K) or high temperature (<2300 K) operation.
Eppendorf FemtoJet injector on Zeiss Axiovert fluorescence microscope
ESKPLA Nd:YAG laser Cavity dumped active/passive mode-locked 35 ps pulses at 10 Hz. Doubled and tripled frequency outputs. Optical Parametric Amplifier BBO crystal based, tunable from 400 nm - 2.2 micron. Driven by the Continuum YAG laser
Excel for financial management and graphing
FC7 Cryochamber
Fear Conditioning
FEI Helios NanoLab Dual Beam focused ion beam electron microscope
FEI Helios NanoLab FIB-SEM
FEI Helios Nanolab SEM/FIB microscope
FEI Quanta 600F ESEM microscope
FEI Quanta environmental scanning electron microscope
FEI Tecnai Spirit G2 transmission electron microscope
FEI Vitrobot - plunge-freezing
FEI Vitrobot Mark III
Fermentor 1.25L
Fermentor 15L
Filmetrics F-20 Thin Film Analyzer
Filmetrics F20 Thin Film Analyzer
Filter-based and monochromator-based multimode microplate readers (Absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence)
Fischione IBT (two available)
Fischione NanoMill TEM and APT Specimen Preparation System - Model 1040
Fischione plasma cleaner
Flammable storage cabinet
FLIPR (96-well and 384-well) for ion channel and GPCR assays
Fluorescence Photon-Counting Spectrofluorimeter PC1
Fluorescence Plate Reader
Fluorescence Polarization , Beacon
Fluorescence XANES XAFS and EXAFS x-ray measurements using Vortex ME4 multi-element silicon drift detector x-ray spectrometer or Lytle cell
Fluorometer K2 - Time Resolved Fluorescence Spectrometer
Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectroscopy
Franz Cell
Freezer and refrigerator monitory system (CIM Techniques)
Freezing point depression osmometer (Advanced Instruments)
FujiFilm FLA-5100 Imager
Gamma counter (PerkinElmer)
Gatan Cryoplunge for sample vitrification (Evanston)
Gatan dimple grinder
Gatan disc cutter
Gatan Dry pumping stations for TEM holders
Gatan Solarus Plasma Cleaner for grid preparation (Evanston)
Gatan Ultrasonic Disc Cutter
Gel Imager UV-VIS , Kodak
General purpose SHG arms at 1.053 micron and 527nm-Quantronix YLF (2)
Glass knife maker
Glucose analyzer (YSI)
Hall Effect Measurements
Hardinge -- Engine Lathe
Headway Spinners-programmable
Heerbrugg Wild M3Z Stereomicroscope
HF preparation Hood
High energy x-ray scattering
High Resolution
High resolution single detector x-ray powder diffraction
High Resolution Stylus Profilometer
High-resolution 11-detector x-ray powder diffraction
Hitachi H-8100 transmission electron microscope
Hitachi H8100 TEM
Hitachi HD-2300 Dual EDS Cryo STEM
Hitachi HF-8100 TEM microscope
Hitachi HT-7700 Biological TEM
Hitachi S-3400N SEM microscope
Hitachi S-4800-II SEM microscope
Hitachi S3400N SEM
Hitachi S3400N-II scanning electron microscope
Hitachi S4800 SEM
Hitachi S4800-II scanning electron microscope
Hitachi SU8030 SEM
Hitachi UHV-H9000 High Resolution Electron Microscope (UHV-HREM)
Horiba Jobin Yvon Fluorolog-3 Spectroflourimeter
Horiba Jobin-Yvon Nanolog Spectrofluorimeter
HORIBA LabRAM HR Evolution Confocal RAMAN System
Hot plate
HP DesignJet 5500 PS large format printer for posters
HP DesignJet 60 inch Poster Printer
HP Designjet 800PS 42" Color Poster Printer
HP DesignJet Z6100 42-in Poster Printer
HPLC ICP-MS HPLC-ICP-MS high performance liquid chromatography inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry ICP
Husky Tile Saw
Hydra II 96-Plus One Crystallization Robot (Evanston)
Hydrogenation Microreactor
Hysitron 950 Triboindenter
Hysitron TriboIndenter Nanomechanical System
IBS/e ion beam sputtering system by South Bay Technologies
IBT (new)
ICDD PDF4+ powder diffraction database
Ice flaker
Illumina iScan System
Illumins HiSeq2000
Image Plate and x-ray film cameras: Laue, rotating crystal, cylindrical, Buerger precession, Deybe-Scherrer
Image Xpress Micro High Content Screening System
Immunochemical stain analysis ( qualification and semi-quantification ).; ; Microscopy
Immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry ICP-MS ICP ICPMS X Series II ThermoFisher mass spec Analytical Balance available for sample prep
InGaAs LN -cooled IR detector
Innova 44 Incubator Shaker
Interactive Instruments - 4400 N capacity portable screw - driven mechanical testing system
Ion OneTouch
Ion Torrent PGM Sequencer
IR Microscope
Isoelectric Focusing Gel Electrophoresis
Isothermal Titration Calorimeter , ITC
ISS Alba FCS FLIM Anisotropy Microscope
IVAS APT data evaluation software
IVIS Spectrum ( Xenogen / Caliper ) Small Animal Bioluminescence and Fluorescence Imaging
IVIS Spectrum in vivo bioluminescence/fluorescence imager
Jade 9.5 Powder Diffraction Analysis Software
JANSI UVEX UV/Vis microscope/imaging system (Evanston & Chicago)
JANUS-Automated Mechanical Fluid Handling Pipettor
Jarrell Ash half-meter grating monochromator, model 82-415
JEOL 100CX transmission electron micr
JEOL 1220 transmission electron microscope
JEOL 1230 120 kV Transmission Electron Microscope - TEM, cryoTEM
JEOL 1400 TEM with a 4k x 4k CCD camera for real time screening (Evanston)
JEOL ClairScope Correlative Fluorescence/Scanning Electron Microscope
JEOL J2100F FasTEM transmission electron microscope
JEOL JEM-2100F FAST transmission electron microscope
JEOL JSPM 5200 microscope AFM
K775X Turbo Freeze Dryer (TFD)
Kappa diffractometer for x-ray standing wave - XSW - and x-ray surface diffraction
KLA-Tencor Alpha-STP IQ Surface Profiler Profilometer
Kodak In Vivo F Molecular Imaging System
Kodak InVivo F Imaging Station
Kulicke & Soffa 4524D Ball-Ball Wire Bonder
Labconco Free Zone 6 Plus Lyophilizer
Labconco Freeze-Drying System
Labconco FreeZone 6 Lyophilizer
Labconco FreeZone 6 Plus Lyophilizer with Stoppering Tray Dryer
LakeShore HMS8404 Hall Effect Measurements System
LakeShore HMS8404 System
Laser Ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry LA ICP-MS LA-ICP-MS ICP
Laue analysis software
Laue Diffraction
Laurell Technologies Spin Coater
LEAP 4000XSi local electrode atom probe by CAMECA
Leica AFS2 Automatic Freeze Substitution - FS
Leica ASP 300S Tissue Processor
Leica AutoStainer XL Automated Stainer
Leica Autostainer XL/Leica Glass Coverslipper/Transfer Station
Leica CM1850UV Cryostat
Leica CV5000 Automated Glass Coverslipper
Leica EG1160 Embedding Center
Leica EM ACE600 High Vacuum Coater
Leica EM TIC 3X Triple Ion-Beam Cutter; Stress Free Surface Preparation; Cross Sectional Polisher
Leica EMPACT2 High Pressure Freezer - HPF
Leica Fully Motorized Rotary Microtome
Leica High Pressure Freezer HPM100
Leica MM80 Impact Freezer, slam-freezing, metal mirror
Leica SP2 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope - LSCM
Leica SP5 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
Leica UC6 Ultramicrotome
Leica UC7/FC7 Cryo-Ultramicrotome
Leica Ultracut E Ultramicrotome
Leica Ultracut S Ultramicrotome - with FCS cryoultramicrotomy module
Leica Ultracut UCT Ultramicrotome
Leica Widefield Fluorescence Microscope
LEO 1525 SEM
LEO Gemini 1525 scanning electron microscope
LEO Gemini 1525 SEM microscope
Lesker Nano38
Lindberg Hevi-Duty Box Furnace , 200-1200C
Lindberg/Bluem BF 51800 Series 1100°C box furnace
Linux clusters: JosephSmith and HyrumSmith
Linux Computational Cluster, 10 node Pentium 4 Xeon (Chicago Campus)
Linux computer workstation and software
Linux Oracle database servers (two)
Liquid Nitrogen Tank
LN2 tank and cell storage
Local-Electrode Atom-Probe LEAP 3000X by Imago Scientific Instruments
Lonza Mycoplasma detection device
Lonza Nucleofector
LTQ Orbitrap Velos
LTQ-FT 7T Development
LTQ-FT 7T Ultra
Machining CNC Manual
Macintosh G4 workstation
Magnetron and Ion Beam Epitaxy System (MIBE)
MAM-1 Arc Melter
Mantis Elite-Cam
Mass Spectrometry - Protein (MW only)
Mass Spectrometry - Accurate Mass
Mass Spectrometry - Electron Impact
Mass Spectrometry - MALDI
Mass Spectrometry- Electrospray
Mass-directed Compound Purification
Matec Ultrasonic Test System
Mechanical convection programmable oven
Mediso nanoScan PET82/CT - pre-clinical positron emission tomography imaging
Mellinea 532nm 5w YAG laser
Meta detector confocal microscopy multiple wavelength detection
Metal Lathe
Metricon 2010 Prism Coupler
Mettler PB303-S Milligram Balance
Mettler Toledo FP82HT Hot Stage with Nikon Optiphotz-Pol Microscope , Video capabilities
Micro-Volume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Microm HM 325 Rotary Microtome
Microm HM 355S Fully Automated Motorized Rotary
Micromanipulator - FIM and 3DAP Tip Preparation
Micromanipulator with OM
Micromeritics 2010 BER Surface Area Analysis
Micromeritics 2010 BET Surface Area Analysis
Microplate reader (BioRad)
Microscope - Nikon LV150
Microwave Digestion System Milestone EthosEZ Digestor
MILabs U-SPECT+/CT - preclinical single photon emission computed tomography imaging
Model 375B dye laser (driven by the argon laser)
Molecular Devices SpectraMax M5 Microplate Reader
Molecular Devices SpectraMax M5 Multi-function Plate Reader
MTS 3 - 50 KN capacity servo - hydraulic mechanical testing system
MTS 4 - 100 KN capacity servo - electric mechanical testing system
MTS 5 - 100 KN capacity servo - hydraulic mechanical testing system with high temperature environmental chamber
MTS 6 - 100 KN capacity screw - driven mechanical testing system
MTS 7 - 250 KN capacity servo - hydraulic mechanical testing system
Multi-mode plate reader Synergy4 for absorbance , fluorescence ( intensity, anisotropy / polarization ), luminescence with spectral capability. Equipped with two on-board injectors and special filters for AlphaScreen .
NanoDrop 1000 Spectrophotometer
NanoDrop 2000
NanoDrop Fluorimeter
NanoInk NLP 2000 Biopatterning System
NanoInk Nscriptor
Nanomaster NPE4000 Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition PECVD
Nanonics Near Field Scanning Optical Microscope NSOM
Nanonics NSOM
Nanophoton RAMAN-11 Confocal Raman Microscope
Nanoscope MultiMode Scanning Probe Microscope AFM
Nanozoomer- Digital Imaging
Narishige Needle Puller
Nikon A1 MP Laser Scanning Confocal
Nikon A1R Laser Scanning Confocal
Nikon AZ100 Fluorescent Dissection Microscope
Nikon bench-top microscope
Nikon bench-top microscope with fluorescence
Nikon Biostation
Nikon Biostation Incubator Microscope
nikon biostationCT
Nikon C1Si spectral laser scanning confocal
Nikon C2 Laser Scanning Confocal
Nikon Epiphot TME Inverted Microscope
Nikon Inverted Eclipse TE2000-U Fluorescent Microscope
Nikon Live Cell Imaging Chamber
Nikon Live-cell Imaging Incubating Chamber
Nikon MA200 automated microscope
Nikon N-SIM Structured Illumination Microscope
Nikon N-Storm Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscope
Nikon optic microscope
Nikon SMZ-1500 Zoom Stereo Microscope System with Epi-Fluorescence Attachment
Nikon swept-field laser scanning confocal
Nikon Ti2 widefield
Nikon Up-Right 50I Microscope
Nikon/Yokogawa spinning disc confocal
NMR Sectroscopy - 500 MHz Varian INOVA w/ indirect probe
NMR Spectroscopy - 400 MHz Agilent (One Probe)
NMR Spectroscopy - 400 MHz Varian Instruments (solids)
NMR Spectroscopy - 500 MHz Bruker Avance III w/ Direct Cold Probe
NMR Spectroscopy - 600 MHz Bruker Avance III
Off-line Computer Workstations
Olympus BX41 Stereo Compound Microscope with Fluorescence Microscope (two headed scope)
Olympus DSU spinning disc confocal
Olympus IV-100 Intravital imaging system
Olympus OV-100 Whole-mouse imager
Olympus PMG3 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope
Omano Microscope
Online storage 30 terabytes
Open Field
Optical - Bruker Tensor 37 FTIR
Optical - Delta Nu Raman
Optical - Flouromter
Optical - Raman
Optical - Spectrofluorimeter
Optical CSK Superdoubler for frequency doubled output
Optical Microscopes
Optical Miscroscope
Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) LBO crystal based, tunable from 0.65 to 2.2 micron -Driven by the Quantronix YLF laser
Optical spectrometer
Optical Spectroscopy - FTIR
Optima™ L-90 K Preparative Ultracentrifuge
OS X computing cluster with about 200 gigaflops of double precision calculating power
Osmium coater
Oxford Instruments Plasmalab 80 Plasma Etcher (RIE)
Oxford Instruments µ P 80 Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition PECVD
Oxford Instruments µ P 80 Reactive Ion Etching RIE
Pain & Tactile Sensitivity
Pair of ASL Mobile Eye Technologies Eye-Tracking Kits
PAKO print dryer - Darkroom equipment
Parylene Coater - SCS Labcoter2 Parylene Deposition System
PC Data Analysis Workstation
Peak Force Quantitative Nanomechanical System
Peak Force Quantitative Tunneling and Conducting AFM
Pelco BioWave Microwave
Perkin Elmer Xenogen IVIS Spectrum Bioluminescence System
PHI 590A Scanning Auger Microprobe
Phosphoimager/fluoroimager, Storm
Photochemical Research Associates Nitrogen LN1000 laser
Photolithography wet bench
Photon laser Spectra Physics Mai Tai titanium sapphire X-cite DIC (2)
Picker General Electric diffractometer residual stress xrd x-ray diffraction
Picking hood for manual manipulating of stem cell cultures (2)
PIPS (two available)
Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) ¿ STS LpX CVD
Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition, PECVD - STS LpX CVD
Polaroid MP-3 camera stand- Darkroom equipment
Polaron Critical Point Dryer
Poling SHG arm (Quanta Ray)
position sensitive detectors (3): 1-dimension linear , gas filled
Powerpoint for presentation graphics.
Prairie Ultima In Vivo Two-Photon Imaging System - Chicago campus
Prairie Ultima Two-Photon Imaging Systems - Chicago and Evanston campuses
Precision Ion Polishing System
Preparative HPLC available with prep column or semi-prep column
PrePulse Inhibition
Prism spectrometers
Profinia™ Protein Purification Automated Chromatography System
Programmers have SQL Server and supported client tools , Visual 2003 , Visual Studio 6.0 , Access 97 , Access XP
ProSight Suite Software
Pulsed and continuous lasers
Pulsed Laser Atom Probe - PLAP
Pulsed Ti Sapphiere laser
Q Exactive
QIAsymphony- Automated Nucleic Extractor
QPix II high throughput colony picking and replicatiob system
QTOF Premier
Quanta Ray Nd: YAG laser, model DCR-1
Quantronix 416 Nd: YLF laser CW modelocked, 1.053 micron, < 100 ps, 100 Hz
Quantum Design Physical Properties Measurement System; PPMS
Quantum Design SQUID magnetometer MPMS-5 ; Magnetic Properties Measurement System
Quantum LTO-3 16 tape autoloader - 400GB/tape
Quintel Q-2000 Mask Aligner
Quintel Q-4000 Mask Aligner
RAID Disk Storage Systems, large capacity (Evanston & Chicago)
Rapid Quench Flow Instrument
Reactive Ion Etcher, RIE - Samco RIE-10NR
Real Time PCR
Real time PCR RT-PCR Bio-rad iQ5 (96-well) , CFX384 (384-well)
Real-time Radiography Instantimager
Reflectometer - Filmetrics F20
Refrigerated centrifuges
Revco* Slimline Ultralow-Temperature Freezer
Rigaku ATX-G Thin-film Diffraction Workstation
Rigaku DMAX
Rigaku DMAX-B vertical PXRD with High temperature powder diffraction
Rigaku S-MAX 3000
Rigaku SmartLab Thin-film Diffraction Workstation
Rigaku Ultima IV
RMC 6000 Ultramicrotome
RMC PT-PC Ultramicrotome
Robotic Automated Sample Storage/Retrieval Freezer
Robotic liquid handling workstations (micro-liter and nano-liter)
Roche 454 FLX
Rotor Type 45Ti
Rotorod (mouse)
SAAM II - Simulation, Analysis, and Modeling Software modeling software
Sakura VIP6 - Automated Tissue Processor
Salt Pot
Samco RIE-10NR Reactive Ion Etcher RIE
Samco RIE10NR Reactive Ion Etcher RIE
SBT disc cutter
SBT Plasma Cleaner
SBT wire saw
Schrodinger's Sharpener - STM / AFM Tips
Scintag XDS2000
Screening Fermentor/Bioreactor (two instruments)
Sequenom MassARRAY 4 System
Servers - file server , application server , web server ( 40 plus )
Si, Ge, Graphite and LiF crystals and multi-layer mirrors for incident or diffracted beam monochromators
Silicon graphics computer and software
SIMPLEX electropolisher
Small-angle and Wide-angle x-ray scattering SAXS and SAXS/WAXS using MAR165 and Custom Roper area detectors
Smart2Pure Water Purification System
Software for Structure Based Drug Discovery
SOLiD 5500xl
Solid-State Detectors (5) including a Vortex high count rate detector with associated electronics, SCA's and MCA's
South Bay Technology PC 2000 Plasma Cleaner
Specialized High-Sensitivity Imaging Scopes
Specimen Preparation Evaluation Analysis and Reaction System (SPEAR)
Spectra Physics 164 argon ion laser
Spectra Physics 164 krypton ion laser
Spectra Physics argon ion laser, model 2025-05
Spectra Physics krypton ion laser, model 2025-05
Spectra-Physics Femtosecond Laser
Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
SPEX 1401 double-grating spectrometer
SPEX 500M grating spectrometer
SPEX Spectrum-One LN -cooled CCD detector
Spin coater
Spinner - Brewer Science Cee Model 200 Spin Coater
Spinning disk confocal microscope
Sputtering - AJA Orion Sputter
Stabilizing Ion and Neutral Beam Assisted Deposition system (SINBAD)
Stanford Research Universal Gas Analyzer Mass Spectrometer
Stanford-Computer-Optics Image-intensified ICCD, model 4picos
Startle Response System
Static and Dynamic Light Scattering Detectors for SEC Analysis
Stereo microscope
Stereotaxic device
Stopped-flow Spectrometer ( UV-VIS Absorbance , Fluorescence )
Struers Accutom 5 Precision Saw
Struers Duramin 5 Automated Microhardness Tester; Vickers and Knoop hardness measurements
Struers Electropolisher
Struers EpoVac Vacuum Impregnation/Cold Mounting of porous specimens
Struers Labo Press-1 Hot Mounting Press
Struers Lectro Pol 5 electropolisher
Struers twin-jet Electropolisher
Stylus Profilometer
Stylus Profilometer - Veeco Dektak-8
SUSS MicroTek MA6/BA6 Mask Aligner
Synchrotron based x-ray diffraction for protein crystallography
Synchrotron X-ray Radiation Source at the Life Sciences Colloborative Access Team ( LS-CAT ) at the Advanced Photon Source , Argonne National Lab
TaqMan OpenArray RT PCR System
Tecan Freedom EVO System
Tecan Safire2 Multi Plate Reader Fluorometer Luminometer (Chicago)
TechCut 5 Precision Sectioning Saw
Temperature controlled optical dewars (LN2, L4He, and L3He)
Tencore P-10 Surface Profiler
TENUPOL 5 electropolisher by Struers
test equipment 2.28.18
Thermal Evaporator - Denton Vacuum Explorer 14
Thermal Scanning Fluorimetry ; ThermoFluo ; Thermal shift ; Protein ligand screen ;
Three-dimensional Atom Probe - 3DAP
Time resolved SHG arm (Quanta Ray)
Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry ()
Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS)
Tinius Olson 25 J capacity Charpy and Izod Impact tester
Tinius Olson 358 J capacity Charpy Impact tester
Tissue Culture Facilities: Thermo Fisher Incubators, Tissue Culture Hood, Thermo Fisher Benchtop Centrifuge, Nikon FN-1 Microscope, Custom-built Nikon TS100F Microscope, Refrigerator/Freezer
Tissue Procurement and Banking for future research -; Prostate Spore , Prostate Genetics , Tissue bank for all cancer samples -; Liason to NMH Archival use - FFPE , serum , plasma , DNA , frozen tissue , cells
TissueGnostics Tissue/Cell High Throughput Imaging and Analysis System
Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF)
Tousimis Samdri-795 Critical Point Dryer
Trace Metals Analysis - ICP AES
Trace Metals Analysis - ICP MS
Transmission XANES XAFS and EXAFS x-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements using Oxford ion chambers
TriVista Confocal Raman Microscope System
TSQ Quantum
TTP Mosquito Crystallization Robot
UC7 Ultramicrotome
UC7 Ultramicrotome with FC7 cryochamber
UHV chamber for x-ray standing wave - XSW - and x-ray surface diffraction
Umax PowerLook 2100 XL flatbed scanner
UV/VIS DAD Spectrophotometer
UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometer with Diffuse Reflectance Accessory
Vacuum -- Fittings , KF , Conflat , Chamber Design , Chamber Fabrication
Vacuum Atmospheres Company OMNI-LAB Glovebox System
Vacuum oven
Variable wavelength SHG arm (OPA)
Varian Prostar Model 210 Preparative HPLC
Varian Prostar210 Preparative HPLC
Velos Orbitrap Elite with ETD
Velos-FT 12T
Velos-FT 12T Ultra
Water Maze (rat and mouse sizes)
Waters GC-TOF Mass Spectrometer
WEDM -- Wire Electrical Discharge Machine
Welding -- Oxy-Acetylene , Silver Soldering , Brazing , Soft Soldering
Welding -- TIG Tungsten Inert Gas , MIG Metal Inert Gas
West Bond 7374E Wedge-Wedge Wire Bonder
Woodworking -- Cutting , sawing , drilling
Word for Windows for word processing
Workstations , laptops , printers
Workstations Equipped for Stereo Visualization of Atomic Models
X-Ray - Bruker APEX2 Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction (Dual Source)
X-Ray - Bruker APEX2 Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction (Mo Source)
X-Ray - Bruker APEX2 Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction ( Cu Source )
x-ray anode targets and source sizes to accomodate the four high intensity rotating anode generators and the nine sealed-tube x-ray generators
X-ray generator and imaging system for diffraction data measurement (Evanston)
X-ray microtomography using Roper area detector
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy ()
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS/ESCA)
Y maze
YSI 2900 Biochemisty Analyzer
Zeiss 510 Meta/ConfoCor3 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope - LSCM, FCS
Zeiss Axioskop w/ CRi Nuance spectral camera
Zeiss LSM 510 META laser scanning confocals (two systems)
Zeiss LSM software
Zeiss Zen software
Zero Maze (Anxiety)
Zetasizer Nano ZSP
Productssort descending
Antibody Evaluation
attached to the plates
BD FACSAria SORP 4-Laser Cell Sorter
BD FACSAria SORP 5-Laser Cell Sorter
Carbon Evaporator
Cell Blocks/Cell Lines
Cell Culture Medium
Cloning of cDNA/RNA
cloning strategy
Computer Assisted Image Analysis
Double Labeling
expression cassette design
Frozen Sections
Gaseous Helium
Gaseous Nitrogen
GATAN Cryoplunge for sample vitrification
Gatan Solarus Plasma Cleaner for grid preparation
H&E Evaluation
Histochemical Stains
Human Dermal Fibroblasts
human Embryonic Stem cells on Matrigel in animal-free artificial "TeSR" media
Human Embryonic Stem cells on Matrigel in defined or conditioned media
Human Embryonic stem Cells on Matrigel in the mouse conditioned media
Human Embryonic Stem Cells on the feeder layer
Human Epidermal Keratinocyte
Human induced Pluripotent Stem cells
Immortalization of Keratinocytes
In Situ Hybridization
In vitro large scale monoclonal antibody production
infected cell cultures
JEM 1400 TEM with a 4k by 4k CCD camera and 35mm port CCD for real time screening
JEOL 3200FS cryo TEM with a Gatan K2 Summit direct electron detector
JEOL 3200SF cryoTEM with a 4k by 4k CCD camera and two GATAN 622 cryoholders
keratinocyte cell culture
Laser Capture Microdissection
Limited Computer Cluster for small/medium scale data analysis
liquid helium
liquid nitrogen
MALDI -- Plates for Bruker MTP
Monoclonal antibody purification
Mouse Embryonic cells, passage 0
Mouse Epidermal Keratinocytes
Mouse Hybridoma Generation - cell line producing specific monoclonal antibody
Mouse irradiated feeder cells
Mouse irradiated feeder cells, attached to the plates, or frozen
Mouse irradiated feeder cells, growing or frozen
Mouse irradiated feeder cells: attached to the plates or frozen
Mouse Phenotyping
Murine Epidermal Keratinocytes
Neonatal Foreskin
Netti Pot
Nucleic Acid
Organotypic Raft
Pain & Tactile Sensitivity
retroviral and lentiviral expression systems
retroviral or lentiviral stocks
RNAi library (Human and mouse)
Routine Tissue Processing
Routine Tissue Processing for H&E Evaluation ; Frozen Sections; Special Histochemical Stains; Immunohistochemistry; New Antibody Evaluation; Double Labeling; Tissue Microarray Staining; Special Sectioning Needs; In Situ Hybridization
Sample -- holders, polishing fixtures, test bars, preparation,
Several types of Biospecimen Fluids
siRNA, shRNA, miRNA
Skin Disease Tissue
Software License - Ingenuity Pathway Analysis
Tissue Acquisition
Tissue Microarray Staining
Tissue Procurement and Banking for future research -; Prostate Spore , Prostate Genetics , Tissue bank for all cancer samples -; Liason to NMH Archival use - FFPE , serum , plasma , DNA , frozen tissue , cells
Two Gatan 626 cryo EM sample holders
Vacuum -- Fittings , KF , Conflat , Chamber Design , Chamber Fabrication
viral expression vectors
viral stock
Welding -- Oxy-Acetylene , Silver Soldering , Brazing , Soft Soldering
Welding -- TIG Tungsten Inert Gas , MIG Metal Inert Gas
Woodworking -- Cutting , sawing , drilling
XRD Sample Holders
Servicessort descending
2-day long hands-on class teaching basic methods of culturing human Embryonic and induced Pluripotent Stem cells
7900HT TaqMan RT-qPCR
A-Generation of Transgenic Mice/Embryos
A-Microinjection of ES cells into Blastocysts
Access to other hospital department services
Access to other hospital department services (i.e. EKG, imaging, etc,)
ACUC Protocols
Administration of Special Feed or Fluid
Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat
Advanced graphics facilities for visualization/presentation of molecular structures
Adverse event management
Affiliate management
Allergy testing
Amira software
Analysis and data management
Analytical Ultracentrifuge - XLA & UltraScan; AUC; XLA
Animal Identification (Ear Tag, Ear Punch or Tail Tattoo)
Animal preclinical services
Anthropometric measurements
Anthropomorphic measurements (including body fat and composition measurements)
Antibody Evaluation
Antibody Work-Up
Arginine stimulated insulin secretion
Art Robbins Gryphon LCP Crystallization Robot (Evanston
Art Robbins Phoenix Crystallization Robot (Chicago)
Assay development ; enzymatic ; binding ;
Assist investigators in nutritional aspects of research protocol design
Assistance with development of animal pathology protocols
Assistance with development of new protocols
atom probe tomography
Atomistic Simulation
Autocad -- Design Software
Autodesk Inventor -- 3-D Design Software
B-Gene Targeting/ES Cell Culture
B-Project/Targeting Vector Design Review
B-Targeted ES Cell Genotyping Review
Basic protein Identification
Basic protein identification from silver stained gels
Bending Strength Testing
big data analysis
Bio-repository and Biological Procurement Services
Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA)
Bioinformatics Analysis
Bioinformatics Analysis
bioluminescence in vivo imaging
Biomarker identification
Bionutrition Services
Blood Collection (Submandibular, Retro-Orbital and Tail Vein)
Brazing -- Torch brazing of all metals
Budget development and financial support
Budget preparation, review and reconciliation
C-Rederivation of Pathogen Free Mouse Strains
C-Rescue of Mouse Lines via IVF
CAD-CAM -- Software & programming for CNC machines
CADD pump infusion
Cancer cell lines
Cancer Cooperative Research Group Coordinating Office and Reference Laboratory
Categorical Data Analysis
Cell counting
Central line access and site care
Charpy Impact Testing
Chemotherapy adinistration
Chromogen immunohistochemistry staining
Circadian studies
circuit design
Clinical protocol support
Clinical research coordinators
Clinical Research Navigation
Clinical Trial Design, Phase I, Phase II, Phase III
Clinical Trial Laboratory Services
Clinical Trials Support Services - CLIA/CAP handling of biospecimens in support of Pharmaceutical, Cooperative Group, and Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials on campus ( NMH , NMFF , RIC ) and off campus.
Cloning of cDNA/RNA
cloning strategy
Co-recruitment of research subjects to bank participant DNA
Coded DNA samples
Coded DNA samples and coded questionnaire / clinical data
Collaboration on project data analysis and preparing manuscripts/grants: Illumina, 454 and SOLiD sequence analysis; Illumina and Affymetrix microarrays; methylation analysis; gene network and pathway analysis; meta-analysis of large-scale cancer profiles
Color coded log numbers
Compartmental pharmacokinetic modeling
Complete mouse necropsy and tissue collection
Complex Multi-parametric Analyses (8 color or more)
Complexity processing (low, medium and high)
Compound Purification
Compression Testing
Computational drug design and structural simulations
Computational Resources for Macromolecular Structure Determination
Computed tomography
Computer Assisted Image Analysis
computer modeling
Computer-based questionnaire administration tools
Concentration Measurement
Consultation on Experimental Design/Data Interpretation/Troubleshooting
Consultation on Mechanical Design and Construction
Consultations on research planning, grant preparation, data analysis and interpretation, and manuscript preparation
Consulting and support on stem cell-based projects
Continuous or intermittent vital sign monitoring
Continuous pulse and blood pressure monitoring
Copy number variation
Core Laboratory Services
Correlative light and electron microscopy CLEM
Creep Testing
Critical point drying
Cryopreservation of Embryos
Cryopreservation of Mouse Embryo/Sperm
Cryorecovery of Frozen Embryos/Sperm
Cryoultramicrotomy, cryosectioning
CS Bio CS136 Peptide Synthesizer
Culturing and expanding your hESC on the irradiated mouse feeder cells and providing the cells ready for experiments
Culturing iPS cells derived by the investigator
Custom Peptide Synthesis
Cycle-timed behavioral tests, experimental manipulations, or food availability
D-Cryopreservation of Embryos
D-Cryopreservation of Sperm
Data Analysis
Data integration
Data Integration and Analysis
Data Management
Data Management
Data Management
Data mining and integration with public and data resources including Gene Ontology Disease Ontology (an NU initiative) Bioconductor caBIGTM
Data Monitoring
data visualization
Database Design and Management
Derivation of iPSCs
Design and Analysis of Clustered Data
Design of pharmacokinetic studies
Design of pharmacokinetically-based drug administration schemes
Design of special diets
Diagnostic and Screening Tests
DigiGait: Automated gait analysis
Digital and conventional EM image acquisition
Disease Ontology
Distributing hESC and hiPSC from our own bank.
DNA and RNA microarray data
DNA Extraction
DNA Fragment Analysis
DNA NMR spectroscopy
Double and triple immunofluorescence staining
Double Labeling
Downstream recombinant protein purification
Drug (small molecules and biologics) formulation
Drug Dosing Studies/Compound Administration (Oral, Topical, IV, SC and IP)
Drug uptake (in vitro)
Dynamic Young's Modulus
E-Cryorecovery of Embryos
E-Cryorecovery of Sperm
EKGs/Modified Stress Tests
Electron microscopy of tissue and cultured cell specimens
Electrophoresis -- Repair
Elisa assay
Epidemiology Consultation
Equipment for macromolecular crystallographic diffraction experiments (Evanston Campus)
Exon and genotyping arrays
expression cassette design
Eyeblink conditioning (temporal memory)
F-Cryopreserved Embryos/Sperm Shipment
Facilitate IRB approval
Fatigue Testing
Fear conditioning (emotional memory)
Fertility Preservation in Bioethics
Fluid System Constructing and Consulting
Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy - FCS
Fluorescence-based minimally invasive small animal intravital imaging
Fluorescence-based non-invasive small animal imaging
Food allergy challenges
Foster Care in Bioethics
Fracture Toughness Testing
Franz Cell
Freezing and embedding of tissues for histology
from designing crystallization experiments to solving structures
Frozen Sections
Full service sample preparation and sectioning
FunDO Functional Disease Ontology Analysis
GData mining
Gene Answers -- A Search Engine for Translational Genomics
Gene Epression Profiling
Gene expression
Gene list interpretation
Gene Microarray Analysis
Gene Ontology
Generation of Mouse Hybridoma
Genome study consultation
Genome-related grant application support
GEO data submission
Globin mRNA Reduction
Glucose stimulated insulin secretion
Glucose tolerance tests
Glucose tolerance tests (oral and IV)
Glycemic clamps and continuous insulin infusion
Grant Application Preparation
Grant assistance
Gross Exam with report
Growing hESC on Matrigel in animal-free artificial TeSR media.
Growing hESC on Matrigel in conditioned media
H&E Evaluation
Hands-on training sessions
Health Care Reform in Bioethics
Health Informatics
Helium Leak Detection -- Alcatel Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector
Hematoxylin and Eosin staining
High Dimensional Data Analysis
High Speed Cell Sorting
High throughput data analysis ; Data automation
High-throughput fluorometric analysis of macromolecular interactions
hiPS cell derivation.
Histochemical Stains
Histological Services
Histology slide analysis
Histopathology (slide interpretation)
Histopathology toxicity evaluation
Hot Hardness Testing
HPLC fraction mass spectrometry analysis
HPLC ICP-MS HPLC-ICP-MS high performance liquid chromatography inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry ICP
Hub gene analysis
Human Dermal Fibroblasts
Human Epidermal Keratinocyte
Human Genome Resequencing
Human Genome Sequencing
Hydra II Plus One Crystallization Robot (Evanston)
Illumina Library Preparation
Illumina Library preparation
Ilumina iScan
ImageJ , MetaMorph , ImageProPlus
Imaging data management - some analysis
Immortalization of Keratinocytes
Immunoassays and Radioimmunoassays for endocrine hormones
Immunochemical stain analysis ( qualification and semi-quantification ).; ; Microscopy
Immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry
Immunogold EM
In Situ Hybridization
In vitro large scale monoclonal antibody production
In vivo imaging
including membrane proteins in the lipidic cubic phase and in bicelles
including Remote Data Collection capabilities
Indirect calorimetery to measure basal energy expenditure (using VMAX Spectra 29)
Individual training on each instrument
Individual training on each instrument (required)
infected cell cultures
Informatics Support
Informed Consent & Disparities
intervention and education
IP glucose tolerance test
IP insulin tolerance test
IRB application consultation
Isothermal Titration Calorimeter , ITC
IVIS Spectrum in vivo bioluminescence/fluorescence imager
Izod Impact Testing
KEGG Pathway
keratinocyte cell culture
Labconco Free Zone 6 Plus Lyophilizer
Labconco Freeze-Drying System
Large Scale mAb Production
Laser Ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry LA ICP-MS LA-ICP-MS ICP
Laser Capture Microdissection
Laser rental service
Laser Safety Handbook
Laser Use consultation
LCMS Analysis
Leica Autostainer XL/Leica Glass Coverslipper/Transfer Station
Leica Fully Motorized Rotary Microtome
Life science focused web-database development
Linux Computational Cluster
Lipid and glucose chemical analysis
Long line blood draws (blood-sparing technique)
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Luminex applications
Lurie Children's Hospital Clinical Research Unit
Macromolecular crystallography at the Life Sciences Collaborative Access Team (LS-CAT) at Sector 21 of the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory
Macromolecular structure determination
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Manual Peptide Synthesis Training
Manuscript preparation assistance
Mass Spectrometry - Accurate Mass
Measurement of concentrations of small molecules in biological fluids, including chemotherapeutics, analgesics, etc.
Mechanical Construction
Mechanical Design
Mechanical Design -- Autocad , Inventor , Solidworks
Medication administration and IV Infusions
Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry
Meta Analysis
Meta-analysis of high-dimensional data
Methylation Profiling
Microarray and proteomics - experimental design , data acquisition , data management , data analysis
Microscope Threads -- RSM , Thorlab , Special taps for microscope and camera mounts
Migration/invasion assays (include metastasis and wound healing)
Model Organism Database informatics
Model Shop -- Provides design & fabrication of custom scientific apparatus
Molecular Analysis
Molecular Devices MetaMorph Image Analytical Software
Molecular graphics for analysis and presentation
Molecular Laboratory -Large volume Clinical Trial sample extraction for nucleic acid and protein. ( FFPE , Blood , hair , nails , swab , cell ) ; CISH , FISH , TUNEL , western blot , ELISA , assay development
Molecular Modeling and Computational Chemistry
Molecular Weight Determination
Monitoring of blood glucose
Monitoring of estrous cycle
Monoclonal antibody infusion
Monoclonal antibody purification
Morris Water Maze test (spatial memory)
Mouse Epidermal Keratinocytes
Mouse Hybridoma Generation - cell line producing specific monoclonal antibody
Mouse Phenotyping
Multilingual study interviewers
Multilingual translations of questionnaires and surveys
Murine Epidermal Keratinocytes
Nano-liter liquid handling Nanoliter
NanoDrop Technologies ND-100 Spectrophotometer
NCI-Nature curated pathways
Needle puller
Networked Mac or PC computer workstations with CD/DVD drive , USB drive , Firewire drive
New Assay Development
NEW! Cell reprogramming from a biopsy tissue or fibroblasts coming soon.
Next Generation Sequencing
NGS and microarray study design: ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, expression and methylation microarrays
NMH Clinical Research Unit
NMR consulting and data analysis
Non-standard temporal environments for housing study animals
nuclear imaging
Nucleic Acid Analysis
Nursing assessment, monitoring, intervention and education
Nursing lead assigned to each investigator study
Nursing Services
Nutrient analysis using Nutrition Data Systems for Research (NDSR)
Nutrient assessments
Nutrition counseling
Nutrition education
Nutrition instruction
Nutrition screenings to evaluate inclusion and enrollment of study nutrition participants
Object Recognition (declarative memory)
Open field testing
oral and IV
Orbital Welding -- Orbital welding of cajun fittings and tubing -- VCR & VCO
Organotypic Raft
Pain & Tactile Sensitivity
Paraffin block processing and Paraffin sections
Participant contact for secondary studies
Pathway analysis
Patient Derived Xenograft (PDX)
Patient Safety
PBMC Isolation
Peripheral line access
Peripheral line access and site care
Pharmacokinetic studies
Phlebotomy and other specimen collections
Phosphoimager and gel scanning
Photo documentation of histopathology
PicViewer / 11/13/05
Platinum-replica electron microscopy
PMOD software
Poster Printing
Power Calculations
Powerful servers to perform long and complex calculations
PrarieView 2.5 / 03/14/07
preclinical imaging
Predictive Modeling
Preparative HPLC Purification
Preparative HPLC Training
PrePulse Inhibition
Producing Monoclonal Antibody
Prognostic Study Data Analysis
Programmers have SQL Server and supported client tools , Visual 2003 , Visual Studio 6.0 , Access 97 , Access XP
programming and development
Programming Consultation
Project Management
Proliferation assay (NCI60/NUTS panels)
Protein expression in E.Coli or Yeast
Protein Expression in insect cells
Protein expression in mammalian cell system
Protein ID
Protein identification and quantitation using mass spectrometry,; Sample preparation, ; Bioinformatics-protein inference,; Pre- and Post project consultation
protein NMR spectroscopy
Proteomic data
Proteomic Data Analysis
Protocol Preparation
Protocol specific Freezerworks labels
Protocol Writing
Providing feeder cells & frozen conditioned medium
Providing mouse feeder cells
Psychometric and statistical analysis and interpretation
PTM analysis
Pulse-Field Gel Electrophoresis
Purification of mAb
Qiagen Autopure LS
Qualitative methods - focus groups, cognitive interviewing
Quality of Life
Quantification of rhythm parameters such as amplitude, phase, or period, for a variety of data types
Quantitative Proteomics
Rare Event Analysis
Reactome Pathway
Recording and analysis of rodent sleep by Electroencephalogram (EEG) and Electromyogram (EMG)
Recording locomotor activity rhythms by wheel-running, InfraRed beam break, or telemetry
Recording of body temperature rhythms
Recording of feeding or drinking behavior rhythms
Regulatory filings at IRB and FDA
Regulatory Support
Repeated Measure Analysis
Rescuing and Cultivating Hybridoma Cell Line
Research Design Analysis methods
Research Design Questionnaire / Survey selection and development
Research Design Recruitment strategies and assessment plans
Research participant recruitment
Research planning and design
Respironics MiniMitter
retrograde IVs and maintenance
retroviral and lentiviral expression systems
retroviral or lentiviral stocks
RNAi library (Human and mouse)
Robotics equipment for crystallization experiments on both campuses
Roche Cobas e 411 analyzer
Roche Library Preparation
Roche Library preparation
Rotorod (mouse)
Routine Tissue Processing
Sample Preparation
Sample Size Determination
Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM)
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
Scientific Review
Scoring algorithms
Secure server management , data management , architecture design services
Serial pharmacokinetic sampling
Serum and urine pregnancy tests
Simulations and Drug Discovery)
Single-sex housing environments
siRNA, shRNA, miRNA
Skin Disease Tissue
Small molecule chemical compound libraries
Software for structure analysis (Crystallography
Software for Structure Based Drug Discovery
Soldering -- Silver soldering and soft soldering all metals
SOLiD System from Applied Biosystems
solution structural biology
Space for clinical reserach
Specialized chart reviews
Specialized histochemical staining
Specimen Preparation Facility (SPF)
Specimen Processing
Specimen Shipment
Specimen storage
Spun microhematocrit
Startle Response System
Stat and routine assays
Statistical analysis of cyclic data using circular distribution or curve-fitting algorithms
Statistical Consultation
Study Coordination
Supervision during Equipment Usage
Support for
Surgery facility with sterotaxic for mice & rats
Survey Data Analysis
Survival Data Analysis
Synchrotron X-ray Radiation Source at the Life Sciences Colloborative Access Team ( LS-CAT ) at the Advanced Photon Source , Argonne National Lab
Tail Biopsy
TaqMan Low-Density Array (TLDA) Cards
Target proteomics
Tecan Freedom EVO, Illumina
technology-assisted assessment tools
Tensile (tension) testing
Thermal Scanning Fluorimetry ; ThermoFluo ; Thermal shift ; Protein ligand screen ;
Tilt table
Time-specific administration of test compounds or sample collection including in darkness with infrared viewer
Tissue Acquisition
Tissue Banking Informatics - caBIGTM tools
Tissue Microarray Staining
Tissue Procurement and Banking for future research -; Prostate Spore , Prostate Genetics , Tissue bank for all cancer samples -; Liason to NMH Archival use - FFPE , serum , plasma , DNA , frozen tissue , cells
Top Down Proteomics
Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF)
Toxicology (NOAEL/MTD)
Traditional DNA Sequencing
Training for PIs and Lab members
Training for study interviewers
Training in necropsy techniques
training of clinicians for use of tools
Training on BIF instruments
Training on Equipment
Transcriptome mapping
TSE Lab Master System
Turning -- Lathe work , CNC and manual
Using facility space and equipment
UV crystal imaging capabilities (Evanston & Chicago campuses)
Vacuum -- Fittings , KF , Conflat , Chamber Design , Chamber Fabrication
Variant calling
viral expression vectors
viral stock
Volocity 3D Image Analysis Software
Water Purification
Weighing of Animals
Welding -- Oxy-Acetylene , Silver Soldering , Brazing , Soft Soldering
Welding -- TIG Tungsten Inert Gas , MIG Metal Inert Gas
Whole Genome Amplification
Woodworking -- Cutting , sawing , drilling
X-Ray - Bruker APEX2 Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction (Dual Source)
X-Ray - Bruker APEX2 Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction (Mo Source)
X-Ray - Bruker APEX2 Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction ( Cu Source )
X-ray Crystallography
Xenograft models (including drug efficacy/dose ranging)
Y maze (memory, spontaneous alternation)
Zero Maze (Anxiety)
Suppliessort descending
-LEAP grid holders
Acrylic Cold Mounts
Agilent Sure Select
Buehler Colloidal Si Final Polishing Suspension , aqueous base , 0.06 microns
Buehler MetaDi Diamond Polishing Suspensions, 1 - 30 microns, oil based
Buehler MetaDi Supreme Polycrystalline Diamond Polishing Suspensions, 0.1 - 9 microns, water based
Buehler Micropolish II Deaglomerated Alumina Suspension , 0.3 and 0.05 microns
Cell Preparatory Tube (CPT)
Clinical Trials Support Services - CLIA/CAP handling of biospecimens in support of Pharmaceutical, Cooperative Group, and Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials on campus ( NMH , NMFF , RIC ) and off campus.
Epoxy Mounts
Fasteners -- Screws , Nuts , Bolts , Washers
Hot/Pressure Mounts
LEAP-TEM grid holders
liquid helium
liquid nitrogen
Local Electrodes
MALDI -- Plates for Bruker MTP
Metals -- Copper Brass Stainless Steel Alloy Steel Aluminum Monel Inconel Titanium Lead Silver Gold Platium Niobium Invar
Microtip Ar
Microtip Specimen Holders
Pipe Fittings -- All types of brass & stainless steel pipe and tubing fittings
Plastic -- acrylic polycarbonate delrin nylon
RNAi library (Human and mouse)
SiC abrasive discs / grinding paper , 2.5", 8" and 12"
Small molecule chemical compound libraries
Specialized Biospecimen Collection Tubes
Struers DuroFast Epoxy hot mounting resin with mineral filler , for edge-retention and planeness of hard materials , thermosetting
Tissue Procurement and Banking for future research -; Prostate Spore , Prostate Genetics , Tissue bank for all cancer samples -; Liason to NMH Archival use - FFPE , serum , plasma , DNA , frozen tissue , cells
Vacuum -- Fittings , KF , Conflat , Chamber Design , Chamber Fabrication